summer sports

Hike the beautiful mountains on which we rush down into the valley in winter. In June and July when the alpine roses are in bloom, our mountain fields in Warth shine in deep pink.
We will be happy to give you personal hiking tips for the fantastic hiking region between Lech and Warth when you arrive.

You can also help us with the "alpine rose harvest". Throughout the summer we collect the herbs that make our cuisine so exceptional and healthy. Martina the nature-loving "herb witch" of the house, will then show you how to prepare an alpine rose liqueur.  After each hike you can relax on the sunny lawn and rest your tired legs in our 'Kneipp-Bacherl'.


Forest swimming pool

The romantic forest swimming pool in Zug promises pure fun and romanticism. Situated in the middle of a splendid mountain backdrop and babbling natural stream, it offers just the right thing for any taste.
In the summer, it is included free for our guests with the Lech-Warth-Card ! A large, heated pool with rock island, a fantastic water slide, children’s pool, a lawn along the riverbank... Well, nothing more stands in the way of splashing wet holiday fun!

Canyoning & Rafting
Lech river - Whitewater Sports

You can obtain unique impressions during a rafting tour. The Lech, one of the last largely natural rivers in the Alps, is optimal for this sport. Thanks to the experience of the raft guide you arrive safely at the destination. This is why younger holiday guests (from 6 years) can also take part in a trip on the turquoise- coloured river. 


This is why younger holiday guests (from 6 years) can also take part in a trip on the turquoise- coloured river. 

Rafting Tour mit Fun Rafting

With canyoning you wander through narrow gorges and valleys in the company of experienced guides. You penetrate regions which you would otherwise never see. A special kind of exciting experience!

Klettern mit Kindern bei Warth

Climbing near Warth

The Lechtal and Allgäu Alps are among the most beautiful climbing areas on the northern edge of the Alps. Experienced mountain guides are at the disposal of those friends of climbing who are looking for a guided tour and would rather be in the care of a professional.
Several locations around Warth - (Bürstegg, Lechbruck, Schrofenwies or the Rote Wand in the Lech spring area) make toprope climbing between the III. and VIII. degree of difficulty possible.

Alpine school Widderstein

Difficulty: medium - difficult
Distance: about 5km
Difference  in altitude: approx. 600m

Karhorn via ferrata: The via ferrata in Warth has a length of about 600 m and leads to the summit of the Karhorn (2420m). A challenge for beginners and professionals alike. At the summit you have a wonderful panoramic view of the Arlberg area, the Lechtal Alps, all the way to the Wildspitze, Zugspitze and the Seehorn (Silvretta area).

Moutain biking

Warth is a veritable El Dorado for sports enthusiasts! Perhaps a bike tour today for a change? From a comfortable family tour to a demanding high-mountain tour, everything is possible!
The Zugertal (valley) in the direction of the source of the Lech River is optimally suited for easy bicycle tours. The Lech Valley Nature Preserve also has splendid cycle paths along the river. (Convenient bike rental is available in Holzgau).

Mountainbiking in Warth-Schröcken


For mountain bike pros there are a few side valleys such as Krabbachtal, Kaisertal or Bockbachtal by which the “Arlberg Round” can be completed.


 This concerns demanding routes (the bike partially has to be carried).

Lange, aber moderate Mountainbike-Tour mit traumhaften Ausblicken und vielen Einkehrmöglichkeiten.

Schwierigkeit: mittel
Strecke: 25,5 km
Dauer: 4:00 h

Tour Formarinsee: Warth - Lech - Zug - Mautstr. Zugertal (autofrei) - Formarinsee u. retour, leicht (auch mit dem normalen Fahrrad möglich)
Rast/Einkehr Freiburger Hütte, diverse Restaurants in Zug, Fischteich.

Schwierigkeit: leicht
Strecke: 38 km
Höhendifferenz: 480 m

Körbersee Tour –  über Alpe Felle:
Warth – Hochtannberg – Nesslegg – Schröcken (auf der Alten Straße)
– Alpe Felle –  Körbersee – Hochtannberg – Warth

Schwierigkeit: anspruchsvoll
Strecke: 20 km
Höhendifferenz: 800 m



Keep the balance between heaven & earth
at the Balance Hotel Lechtaler Hof you learn to fly!

Tandem flight:
If you want to see the world from above and enjoy the freedom of the air, but have no experience, the Para Taxi offers you the perfect chance for a tandem flight. Dates can be arranged individually at any time.

If you would like to learn paragliding, you will enjoy a first-class training with Airsport 2000 (for newcomers, hobby pilots and pros)

Further information is available at


Newcomers already receive the licence to fly on their own after one week!

Nordic Walking
It´s the trend

More and more people are walking with sticks through the area. It’s no wonder, since the sport is equally suitable for young and old. Good walking shoes and naturally Nordic Walking sticks are the suitable equipment for this purpose. The hotel will provide these to you ― and then off you go! 
Nordic Walking also helps to reduce weight, and not only to train the leg muscles, but also the upper body! As the Austrian Moderate Altitude Study (AMAS) also proves, you achieve even better results at an altitude of 1,500 metres (Warth am Arlberg lies this high). As a result of the fact that you always remain in the aerobic range when Nordic Walking, you use the fat pad as an energy source and thus have a veritable 'fountain of youth' effect!

Nordic Walking
Kneippen im Sommer


"Nature has generously given us everything we need to stay healthy"
Father Sebastian Kneipp (1821 – 1897)Feel the life, let it flow, rediscover yourself and nature! 
Close your eyes and feel the titillating refreshment in the crystal-clear mountain streams during white-water. Leg or arm “Kneipp cure” (hydrotherapeutic cure). A waterfall Kneipp cure is a special highlight!
Our tip: Stop at a small stream during or after a nice mountain tour, take off your shoes and socks, and step barefoot into the cool wetness. Then, in stork step, walk a few rounds over the stones in the stream. The tired legs will immediately feel refreshed and invigorated. A Kneipp cure also strengthens your immune system.

Adventure trip

Several professional providers make it possible for you to enjoy a day full of adventure and adrenaline. Here is a small extract from these offers ― these can be booked individually on the scene: 
'Crazy Course & Tunnel Tour': 
A different kind of adventure awaits you in Nessleg, only a few minutes away from the hotel by car: Flying Fox, swinging above the precipice, lowering on a rope above a bridge, “wobbly tree” and “tiger jump”. With a bit of courage and concerted effort this is the perfect start in the world of outdoors. Over 60 years ago, a large-scale road construction project was commissioned in the area. But after the turmoil of war only an old tunnel in its original condition remained. We will gladly guide you through this tunnel with many interesting background stories. 
'High Wire Garden': 
The High Wire Garden was installed in a deep gorge. Flanked by massive rock walls, the actions proceeds through the gorge with “Indian path”, cable railway, bridge and swing ― even the entrance is a kick! 
For children and families: 
'Indiana Jones Cave Tour'
A day full of adventure! Cross-country trekking through the forest, with the most varying obstacles:  Flying Fox, Captain Hook, “wobbly tree”… If it rains, the streams and waterfalls babble through the “Silver Cave” and it really gets exciting! 


Live, Relax, Experience & Move in the Lechtaler Hof