Ski history

Warth - the secret cradle of Alpine Skiing. Church cronics proof: it all startet with the adventurouse priest of Warth - the first Ski pionieer 1894.
The Winters were very hard with lots of snow and it was not easy to walk from A to B through 4-5 meters of snow walls.  "Bevor people from Warth learn to walk they can ski" - is what they say!  The Family Brenner has a very ski related history to be proud of. Hans Brenner a former ski racer, who hasn't had the Money to follow his dream of beeing a professional ski racer, settled in 1979 in Warth  and built the boutique Hotel Lechtaler Hof. Hannes Brenner w"Austrian champion" skied in the Austrian team an some world cup races. All the 3 children skied in competitions on a very high level. Silvia Brenner is a professional certified ski guide and instructor and can show you the very best places.

Skilehrer damals

the Ski heroes from Warth

1894 Father Mueller read in the newspaper "the German Hausschatz" an article on so-called SKIS - long wooden boards which were used in Norway already for locomotion. He immediately used his church contacts to order those skis. Shortly thereafter, the Reverend was the proud owner of the first SKI am Arlberg. However those skies came with no instructors. Father Müller did not want to loose his face and beeing rediculous in front of the citizens, so he practiced skiing at first only in some clear full moon nights. In the Church History, he writes about his experiences: that he fell on his nose a few times ... before he know how to move.

"I waited until evening to avoid being seen and laughed at. I tried right behind the rectory in the big snow my luck. But suddenly  I was lying in the snow and so repeatedly until midnight ".

then the Reverend finally understood that the movement was not like ice skating - he had to keep his feet together. He organized a long wooden stick and then copped quite well. The inhabitants of Warth were amazed, as their pastor suddenly glided over the white slopes. Father Mueller then went on to visit his colleague in Lech. This "Pfarrer Müller Tour"  is an adventurous ski tour and can still be booked with the ski school Warth. It's an absolute highlight for all freeriders.

Pfarrer Müller Skipionier am Arlberg

Pries Mueller FREERIDE TOUR                     Panorama map SKI ARLBERG                           

Silvia Brenner private ski instructor Hotel Lechtalerhof

Skiing with the Pro's

Hubert Strolz  - Olympia Calgary             Wildtrud Drexel -  Olympia Sapporo 
Pepi Strobl - Worldchampion                Patrick Huber - Snowboard Champion 
Hannes Brenner -Jugend-worldchampion   Johannes Strolz - Jugendmeister
Silvia Brenner - Jugendmeisterin           Christan Fritz - Skilehrer Worldchampion

  • Book your SKI COURSE with Silvia Brenner - dipl. Ski instructor and guide

perfectionise your skiing technique! Silvia shows you the most beautiful places on the Arlberg. The ex-ski racer is known for her good eye. She guarantees technical progress and as well as the thrill of skiing from the first to the last minute. You can talk with Silvia on site, or share your wishes when making the Hotel reservation. Silvia can be booked for 2 Perfection hours, or a day / week.

  • HELISKIING is am Arlberg unique and a very special experience!

A breath taking day with amazing views and experiances is guaranteed.   Virgin slopes wait to be discovered by you.

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