3 Valleys - 3 stories

Warth am Arlberg - a secret gem


The small village of Warth has a fantastic skiing area with the most modern lifts and still exudes the charm of a sleepy mountain village.


At the intersection of the Arlberg, the Tyrol's Lech Valley and Bregenzer-Wald, Warth is located with its abundance of rare alpine flowers in summer and gorgeous snowy slopes in winter. Whether be active, relaxed or discover culturally Highlights - there is so much to see and to do. 


The name WARTH probably comes from  "to WAIT", because Warth has a compelling story - as the focal point of a major Salt Hemmer route, as a resting place for weary hunters, travelers, smugglers, or even poachers.

Specials im Sommer:

  • hiking and climbing
  • summit tours
  • Indiana Jones Adventure Tour
  • Canyoning and rafting
  • Mountainbiking
  • Fly Fishing
  • swimming in the crystal clear mountain lakes

Specials in winter:

  • Skiing, snowboarding
  • cross country and sledding
  • winter walks
  • ice climbing
  • Heliskiing, freeriding
  • Snowshoe Hiking
Skifahrer im Skigebiet

the Arlberg and „d‘Walsr“

By 1300 the population of the municipalities duration Warth and Lech is done by the Walser, coming from the West Swiss canton of Valais and the valley grub to win crops and pasture. At that time the region was covered with fir forest.

Skiing on the Arlberg    Summer all Inklusive LECH WARTH Card 

The Walser received the land as a fief of the Swabian landlords for a small natural interest. In order to win their settlement taking in the barren...

The Walser received the land as a fief of the Swabian landlords for a small natural interest. In order to win their settlement taking in the barren mountain, them special rights and freedoms (Erbleihe) be granted. By 1895, the Walser of the barren agriculture, livestock grazing and hunting live up to the beginning of the 20th century slowly developed ski tourism. Father Mueller “priest” of Warth 1894 was the first courageous ski pioneer on the Arlberg!


The traditional Lech Valley - "d'Lechtlr"

Prehistoric remains still exist in the Reutte basin and Lech valley. Axes, arrowheads and daggers indicate that the celts hunted successfully in the Lech floodplains.

uique Long distance hike "LECH-WALK"    summer adventure "Wally Blitz"

Lech Zürs

During the late eighteen hundreds the area became an exclusive hunting ground for the English lords.  “Lord Frederick Simms" a British industrialist and Automobile pioneer, who hunted extensively in the region has a
waterfall in Holzgau named after him. A letter from Simms from February 8, 1891 is considered the first written evidence of the word "Motorcar". Supposedly Simms has coined the term "Petrol" for gasoline. (on the picture you see Lord Simms- on his evolutionary motorized "bike" however he did not use it for hunting :). The tragic story of the "Geierwally" shows the hard moral and physical challenges of the time and that one animal can sometimes be a better friend than humans.

Adler Schnitzerei im Lechtal Tirol

Close to nature - the Bregenzerwald - "d'Wäldar"

The Bregenzerwald inhabitants are strong willed and confident. This area once a large and dense forest lying between Lake Constance and the Alberg belonged to the Dukes of Bregenz. The area was settled around 1000 and certain areas were gifted to build monasteries and important families. This became a destination for hunters as the indigenous animals were plentiful and provided great Sport.

In Hopfreben which is close to the Hotel (20min) there is still the „Villa Maund" where many of the hunting fraternity stayed. This was built by Sir John Maund in the eighteen nineties and hosted the German Crown Prince Wilhelm of Hohenzollern.

Summer activities     excursions and sights

Regional Typisch PDF Deckblatt

Regional Typisch

The Lechtaler Hof is known for its regional cuisine, including game specialties and delicious veggie dishes. Our creatively designed menu cards tell stories and give you an insight into former times. Feel free to take this menu home as a Souvenir  - "love goes throught the tummy" as we say in Austria - feel free to ask us for recipes and cook for your loved ones a nice Austrian meal and remember the Holidays at the Lechtaler Hof.

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